We merged our love for screenprinting and working with people into unique workshops for all those who are interested in the method and want to make their own custom T-shirts, totebags, poster, etc…

You can express your creativity and learn a new skill. It’s a universall activity for all people, from toddlers in kindergarden, kids in school and adults. People love it as a team building activity for companies and various associations. We also learn about the history of screenprinting and design together.

We also offer screen printing workshops as a group gift for 3-5 people. Through our workshops we try to spread concioussnes about environmentally friendly self-sustaning screenprinting with little or no use of electrical energy and chemicals. That is why we use ecological colors that air dry and are not harmfull for any living being.

Our workshops are art oriented so we like to connect with local artists, with the goal of elevating the creative process in local communities where we come. Let’s create something authentic and beautiful together!