Pitsome print – more than a print shop

Pitsome is a craft print studio from Zagreb founded by T-shirt enthusiast and musician Dejan Jeličić. We are specialized for hand screenprinting on textile, paper, wood and other materials.

We provide printing services on order, according to the wishes and needs of the client. As we collaborate with multiple suppliers, we offer a wide range of textile products. We also provide services of graphical design and vector printing preparations for screenprinting.

Our specialty is an individual approach to each order with carefull understanding to the client needs. We have an ecological approach to our work, we think about the environment when we choose our materials and colours. So far, hundreds of satisfied clients like that approach too.

With the help of mobile printing units, Pitsome provides creative workshops for groupes and companies, as well as, printing live on festivals, events, celebrations and all other occasions.


T-shirt is a perfect medium for broadcasting all sorts of messages and your own attitude.

Led by his passion for drawing, graphic design and T-shirt design, as a young musician Dejan made T-shirts and merch for his band and other bands he knew and worked with. He designed cd covers, posters and magazines for concerts and musial workshops he hoasted. All this experience he gained in his music and creative work gave him an opportunity to launch a print studio. He called it Pitsome. The word itself has no meaning, but Dejan forged this new word with the humurous message ‘it looks awesome in the pit’ in mind. To this day many clients recognize the word Pitsome thru quality work and dedicated approach.

logistics and activism

Apart of her being involved in the story thru family ties, she gives Pitsome unconditional backup in the logistical sense. Nothing will go out of our workshop without her  double checking it. She engages in the branding segments as an expert on the sawing machine, but her biggest contribution is her expertize in exel tables. She still manages to find the time for her most important passions, vegan activism and cooking with her sustainable life style brand MeGita.


T-shirt and jeans-the most legendary combination of them all!

Anđela Zebec and Dejan Jeličić started their collaboration on a musical plain. For a number of years they have been working as a duet. Their common affinity for fashion and music and a similar sense for esthetics took them to working together on other creative fields except music. Anđela is a dedicated DIY freak for years and has made numerous designs, object and custom clothes items throughtout the years. In Pitsome’s workshop she has found practical application for her gathered knowledge and enjoys spending her time thinking about colors and designs.

It matters why. And it matters how.

Working with bigger and smaller printing studios, for years now, we noticed a lack of dedication to the clients. So when we started Pitsome our leading thought was to commit ourselves to our clients wishes and ideas, which is contrary to the usual printing practice. Each new order, here in Pitsome, we treat like a new challenge and not just another job. We care to understand your idea and the thought process behind it. We will turn your concept into a great experience, from the beggining to the realization of your order.
The joy of creative thinking, passion for new challenges, valuable experiences of working with people and spreading consciouness about environmentally friendly materials and inks is our drive. We create what we love and like, and it gives us great pleasure to know that you are happy and that we met your requirements.


Pitsome brand-T-shirt culture and the passion for screen printing

Beside printing for others, our work shop is an art studio where we make Pitsome brand. We have the privilege to make all our ideas come true, enjoying the proces of screen printing as a unique method of textile printing. Each day in our workshop we create new visuals, as we work on designs and print them. That way we enrich our offer and we can create our own microcosmos of T-shirt and hoodie culture, as we see it.

MOTIKA- our urban-agricultural brand

„There is no bread without picks and hoes“-is an old folk saying and it has never been more current and actual than in these times! Guided by that saying and the rich folk heritage of our country, we started a house brand Motika in 2015. The initial idea was to use a loaf of bread and a pick as a motif know by many. So we designed the motifs into a logo, which quickly became recognized as one of our main designs. We print it on T-shirts, cotton totebags, aprons and many more.

But, for us Motika is much more than a textile brand-it’s an attitude towards life. We are very aware that the times we live in require and appreciate organicly produced foods, clothes and other goods. Motika represents principles by which we conduct ourselves in our own life: ecological self-sustaining approach, fair-trade supply purchasing, using harmless eco ink for printing and using renewable energy sources as much as possible. Thru Motika visuals we promote our ancestors values that we believe are true and primordial. It is the tradition of fair and hard work, living with nature and off the land.

Pitsome Festeeval

Working with a lot of start-up and established T-shirt and streetwear brands, designers, artists, assotiations and many more, the idea to host an event dedicated to T-shirts imposed itself. In the summer of 2017. we organized the first croatian T-shirt festival, Pitsome Festeeval. It was hosted in the beautiful Vintage Industrial Bar summer garden. The festival sparked a big interes among T-shirt lovers and media representatives, who joined as festival sponsors. Promped by the success of the first festival, we organized our second Pitsome Festeeval. We included exhibitors from Serbia and Bosnia and Hercegovina which gave Pitsome Festeeval a regional character. That same year our friends from Bosnia were inspired to throw a T-shirt festival in Sarajevo. With stands where T-shirts and other designer item were sold, there was also concerts, screenprint presentations, henna tattos, oldtimer exibitions, printing workshops for kids and other fun content at the Festeeval. That way, we expanded the festival concept on other forms of creative expression, where visitors were very involved in creating their own T-shirts and other creative proccesses.

If you are an artist, an owner of a start-up brand or you have an established streetware line, feel free to contact us about your partake in the Festeeval. We love to hear from creatives with interesting ideas and create something new and different.